1. Case Study: Malone Souliers' Holiday Campaign: Shoes That Move

Brief: Create a Christmas or holiday campaign for homepage and social marketing (I had lots of room to be creative here). My aim was to create a film that highlighted the brand’s unique selling point: the comfort of the shoes, whilst also cutting through the noise of other competitor’s content at this time of the year. Whilst other brands were pushing ‘what to wear to your Christmas parties’, I wanted to highlight the more occasionally awkward side of the end of year office gathering. The idea was to showcase that Malone Souliers would empower you to feel confident to dance like no-one was watching, have a sense of humour and above all, be comfortable and have fun in your shoes.

2. Case Study: “The Making Of The Maureen”

Brief: To highlight the craftmanship behind Malone Souliers’ shoes. I wanted to show the care and dedication that goes into making the brand’s most iconic shoe style; the Maureen. I wanted to show the human element behind the process of production and highlight that the shoes were not mass produced, rather lovingly crafted by many hands. The brand’s factory is located in Italy and each shoe is made by a cordwainer (a very traditional form of shoemaking. Cordwainers are considered craftsmen or women, and are trained to make shoes by hand.) I documented the journey of one shoe as it made its way through each step of the cordwaining process and as it met each person, specially trained in their respective step. The final film showed the love and intricacy that goes into a pair of shoes crafted by the brand, and enforced the quality behind the iconic label of ‘made in Italy’.